Common Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Home

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When deciding to renovate your existing space or build a brand new kitchen or bath, it is vital to establish a realistic plan, meet the contractors, have proper budgeting to ensure your expectations are met. However, like most homeowners, you may find that managing a renovation project can be quite challenging, resulting in chaotic decisions and mistakes.

These errors can take a huge bite of your budget and time and ultimately lead to an expensive redo. For this reason, it’s always best to let a professional take charge of handling your home renovation and design so that you have a space that will speak volumes about your style and personality. To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Laura Grist Interior Design has put together three of the most common mistakes people make when renovating their home.

1. Not hiring an interior designer

One of the prevailing mistakes that most customers make is not hiring an interior designer before commencing the renovation, which can elevate their level of stress and the cost of redos. The first thing that clients should know about designing a kitchen, for example, is that “they don’t know what they don’t know.” There are always hundreds of things that are new in the industry, and only an experienced interior designer can show them what is possible in their space with the many options available. We consider the structural walls, the flow of the home, and the way space is used to deliver stunning and functional designs.

2. Lack of planning

Designing on the fly is a terrible idea. We have come across many clients who want to hire a contractor first and ask what they can do for them. Contractors build what designers design. Not the other way around. We make the contractor’s job easier by laying out a plan that has been thought out and approved by the client BEFORE the contractor starts.

3. Setting an unrealistic budget

This is another mistake committed by some clients who think that by “low balling” their numbers, they will get better value out of their design. In fact, we consider their budget and try to make sure that their will get exactly what they want for the money they have to invest in their house. If the budget set doesn’t meet the client’s demands, we make sure to inform them of the same and help them come up with a budget that will or choose different design plans.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Laura Grist Interior Design. We are an innovative interior design firm in Port Moody, BC, specializing in residential design and renovation. With over twelve years of experience, we offer the finest interior designing service to help bring your vision from concept to completion, on time and within budget. We help you build your dream home, renovate an existing space, and design services tailored to suit your unique needs. Our services are available to clients across Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley City, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Walnut Grove, Belcarra, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, White Rock, and the surrounding areas.

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