Principal Interior Designer


My favorite childhood toy was an apartment block that came with furniture, cabinetry, bathtubs and sinks and a working elevator… I loved that toy!  The only thing I was not happy with was some of the layouts of the rooms.  If only I could redesign some of the floor plans I would be set, but how?   Fast forward a few years and here I am, enjoying my life as an Interior Designer and getting to live out the dreams of my childhood! How did my dreams come to reality?  I went back to school and earned my Interior Design Diploma from The Art Institute of Vancouver and began my practice as a Designer in a firm in Port Moody.  Since 2008, I have opened my own studio and have enjoyed helping my clients transform their spaces into a vision of home.


Interior Designer


As a budding early designer, I re-painted my bedroom from Mom’s sponge painting period to a calm soothing blue.  I re-arranged the floor plan of my furniture, and removed the closet doors replacing them with flowy tactile drapes.  In even earlier years, our family travelled to more tropical locales like Hawaii, Mexico and California where I would gather up accessories to bring home and incorporate in my room.  I still do this with my own family today!  So after years of immersing myself in HGTV programs as well, it seemed clear that attending BCIT for the Interior Design program was the place for me.  Following graduation I worked in lighting for 6 years, and I now enjoy working as part of Laura’s team and with her clients to bring “concept to completion”!




Interior Designer

I have always had a passion for design. As a young girl I was always re-arranging furniture, and re-painting my bedroom. It has become a habit every time I walk into a new location, I think "how I would have designed the space". My early enjoyment with SIMS computer creations has evolved to expertise in a profession I love. You could say that is what really prompted me to go to design school. Through the education and technical support I received completing the Interior Design program at British Columbia Institute of Technology. Ever since my completion I have had the pleasure of being involved in every stage of the Interior Design process at Laura Grist Interior Design.




Interior Designer


I love to look at interiors wherever I go. It is not just a habit, it is a passion. I guess you can say I started my career in Interior Design because of my need to understand what makes the space interesting for me. From the light fixtures and the wall treatments, to the upholstery and beyond, I sometimes look around and think to myself… “That’s amazing”… and other times “What went wrong?” I knew I had to fine tune my design ideas so I knew what solution would best suit individual spaces, and that is how I wound up in design school. I completed the Interior Design program at British Columbia Institute of Technology, and have been working with Laura ever since.




Interior Decorator 


I think we are born with a passion and flair for design, and a need to create.  My early projects were offered by way of unpainted furniture from my parents (I painted my dresser an unheard of apple green at that time!), and building my own sofa and live edge coffee tables long before they were on trend. I love the “envelopes” that our team designs, but my greatest excitement is filling that beautiful space with soft furnishings and décor. With over 15 years of experience in furniture and retail, as well as formal education in design and decorating, I have a good handle on the product market.  We stand behind quality furnishings, décor, wall and window coverings to help provide the finishing touches to your beautiful homes. 




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